Welcome to Chinguni Hills Lodge & Camp, Liwonde National Park, Malawi
We are a not for profit Trust based in Malawi, Southern Africa with the aim of;

"Assisting in the conservation, research and sustainable development of Liwonde National Park and adjacent conservation areas"


  • Liwonde National Park contains a wealth of natural resources but there are few ideas and little technical knowledge on how to utilize these sustainably.

  • There are over 100,000 people living within five kilometers of the park boundary attempting to scrape a living in what is technically a marginal agricultural area.

  • Many individuals within the boundary communities illegally gather the natural resources from the Park; threatening conservation efforts and endangering its wildlife.

  • We will work with the communities to develop an understanding of the importance of conservation and create new sustainable avenues of income generation to improve livelihoods in the boundary sector.

  • We will recruit volunteers and craftspeople that can provide technical knowledge and skills to assist the local people to improve their education and development.

  • We will work together with the Malawian Department of National Parks and Wildlife and research institutions to assist with ecological research that can provide essential management tools for the protection of Liwonde National Park.
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