Welcome to Chinguni Hills Lodge & Camp, Liwonde National Park, Malawi

With the appearance of two male lions, migrating in from estern Mozambique, Liwonde National Park is the only Big 5 National Park in Malawi. Open all year round, we will take you into the wilderness in search of adventure. Track elephant on foot through the African savanah with an experienced guide. Canoe the lagoons and flood plains, home to scores of hippo and sun basking crocodiles. Or, try your hand at spot lighting on a night drive in our open safari vehicle.

Wildlife: With the re-entry of the Lion the Liwonde National Park is home to the big six. The leopard remain shy and elusive, and the black rhino can only be seen in the Rhino sanctuary. Hippo are numerous in the lagoons and on the flood plains in full view of the lodge and can frequently be seen out of the water during daylight hours. Elephant are also regular visitors, though the best time of year is the height of the dry-season (September to November) when they can be seen grazing on the open plains.

Buffalo, reintroduced in 1997, are doing well with the original 60 multiplying to over 300 by 2006. NEWS!!! There have been regular sightings of two partially albino buffalo amongst the 200+ in the largest herd in the park

Other diurnal mammal species include the common waterbuck, impala, kudu, sable, common reedbuck, warthog, grey duiker, Livingstone's suni (the smallest central African antelope), bushbuck, serval cat, klipspringer, grysbok, several species of Mongoose including the Slender, Marsh and Banded, and the rather special Four-toed Elephant Shrew.

Nocturnal wildlife to be seen are both the Greater and Lesser Galago, Civet and Genet cat, Spotted Hyeana, Side-striped Jackel, Scrub Hare, Wild Pig, Porcupine and the secretive Pangolin

With over 400 bird species including a number of rare species, Liwonde National Park is Malawi's best wildlife reserve, its diverse habitats and beautiful scenery can all be experienced in comfort at the Chinguni Hills Lodge and the adjacent Nkalango Safari Camp.

Scarlet Chested Sunbird
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